Juvenile Justice Center

To guarantee that students in juvenile detention continue to be educated and make a successful transition back into their public school program, the Kane County Regional Office of Education runs the Kane County Juvenile Justice Center Education Program.   An agreement between the St. Charles School District, the Chief Judge and the Kane County Regional Office of Education makes this possible.  Certified teachers give daily instruction year-round in language arts, math, science and social studies.  The Education Program Coordinator serves as administrator and communicates with the students’ public schools to help with transfers.

The Kane County Regional Office of Education is looking for volunteer tutors and library help, as well as substitute teachers for our Juvenile Justice Center.  If interested, please contact Shirley at 630-232-5919 or sleclere@kaneroe.org, or Kathy at 630-444-1133 or klawson@kaneroe.org.

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